Entrenary by Michael Wahl

Have you ever wanted to start your own business but need some direction? Do you also want to do good and change the world? I have been asked by a few people to teach a class on this in the past year. So ... I am offering a basic business Entrenary class of how to get started with a business and change the world at the same time. I came up with this Entrenary (Entrepreneur + Missionary = Entrenary) idea a few years ago and would love to help and share. This is a basics of business class and will go from ground zero to helping you develop your ideas. It’s a 4 week class and it’s every Saturday in October (EARLY)6am-8am in Carrollton or online and cost is $25 a class. Can only do this for about 5-8 people, so please let me know before I open this up to a few other avenues. This is my passion, so it will be fun!!

Classes: Week

1. Idea Stage: will it work? Week

2. Business: Learn the basics Week

3. Do Good: Margin = MissionWeek

4. Plan it: Business/Mission Plan

This is about a process and not just a class. It is critical that you attend all classes to walk away with a usable process and plan.

Location: ReThread In Carrollton or Online through Private Facebook Live Group. 
Class Cost: $25 per class/$100 for the month

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