The Cruz Alta Project

Big News!! DriButts is building a medical center and diaper distribution HQ in Cruz Alta, Honduras. This medical center will promote long-term health and will provide life-saving medical care for thousands of families in the remote mountains in Honduras. We can't do this alone and need your immediate help to get this started. Please watch the video below and then consider choosing one of the 2 ways to help! Together, we can Rethread love and truly change lives. 


What we have already Accomplished: 

1. Established a medical non-profit in Honduras.

2. Purchased approximately half an acre of land.

3. Gained complete support from the local community. 

4. Hired a licensed Honduran doctor on staff (Dr. Maria).

Our immediate need? We need to raise $12,000 by may 20th.

This funding will allow us to do the following: 

1. Complete the purchase of the remaining land. 

2. File paperwork with local government.

3. Have all blueprints drawn up and project budget developed. 

4. Pay all licensing and lawyer fees. 


#2 Businesses

We are looking for 6 Businesses to give a $1000 or more tax deductible donation to help us reach our goal. Please consider sharing our story with local businesses and seeing who may want to get involved. 


2 ways you can help: 

#1 Personally  

We are looking for 25 people to give a $250 or more tax deductible donation. This will get us half way to our goal and allow us to cover some of our immediate needs. Would you consider joining us in this journey? Just click the button below to help us get started on this amazing project.