What if you had the opportunity to change hundreds or even thousands of peoples lives in your life time? This is the legacy Dributts can help you leave. Every time you donate diapers, you literally changes peoples lives for the better. You are helping people who live in extreme poverty that can't afford a simple diaper for their child. You are freeing these families from the threat of disease in their own homes. 

So how does the DriTribe work?

It's simple

1. You sign-up below and indicate how many diapers you would like to give a month. The more you give, the more lives you change

2. Your donation is automatically taken out every month. You change lives and you don't even have to think about it 

3. We send your diaper on one of our diaper drops (every 2-3 months)

4. Your families lives are changed that day. Your local leader educates, takes a picture and hands out the diapers. 

5. We send you back pictures of your families you have helped

6. We change live together and you leave a Legacy


Please sign up below to join our Dritribe. We will also have perks, inside dributts info and random gifts we will send out to all of our Dritribe family. thank you for helping us change lives!