September 19th DriButts turns 5 years old!!

Thank you to everyone who has helped us change lives around the world these past 5 years. Together, we have produced over 35,000 DriButts diapers and helped around 10,000 families. Not only have we changed lives by supplying our product, providing leadership and committed to education, we are now changing lives through manufacturing. We have partnered with Petite Palm in Haiti and to now make DriButts diapers in Haiti for Haiti. These women have the opportunity to do meaningful and sustainable work, have work benefits such as paid maternity leave, leadership development, financial management classes, and the ability to participate in Bible studies.

For our 5th birthday we are asking 5 for Five. Would you consider donating enough to get 5 diapers made in Haiti for our 5th birthday? Each diaper that is manufactured in Haiti cost us $20 total. So, every $100 will allow us to make 5 DriButts diapers in Haiti and ethically employ some amazing woman. Our goal is to make 200 diapers a month and would love to raise a months worth of DriButts diapers in 5 days. Together, I know we can do this!!

Would you consider helping us with this goal?

When: Sept 15th - 19th

What: 5 for FIVE campaign = 5 Diapers “Made In Haiti” in 5 day for our 5th birthday.

How much: 5 Diapers ($100) or any amount is appreciated. No gift is too small

How to donate: Click the donate button below

Is this tax Deductible: Yes, all donation can tax deductible. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit