DriButts Care Packs

In response to the massive flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey, DriButts has decided to take action and help. Over 400,000 people have been left homeless and in need of assistance. Many products are needed to help save lives and control disease. Diapers have topped the list of most emergency relief websites and are key to controlling disease. However, 99% of all diapers being donated are disposable diapers. These diapers are extremely expensive and difficult to replenish and dispose of safely. So, here is where the DriButts diaper can help in the long run. 

The DriButts diaper was created to work in extreme environments where there isn't any running water or electricity.  The diaper is made to be washed in a bucket/drybag with soap and water. The diaper is breathable and lightweight which allows airflow. It not only absorbs urine, but also wicks away moisture. The bamboo insert has natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties which help fight the spread of bacteria. It is adjustable and designed to fit a newborn through age two, and may fit a small three year old. The outer shell dries in about thirty minutes and the insert dries in about forty-five minutes in direct sunlight. The diaper is fully reusable and lasts the baby through three years of age. It can also be used for multiple babies. 

Would you consider partnering with DriButts to provide 500 Care packs to those affected by hurricane harvey? 

We have a goal of 500 DriButts Care Packs in September to help families affected by Hurricane Harvey. We will send a DriButts team down the week of September 25th to deliver these care packs with other needed supplies. 


Each pack is a donation of $40 and will consist of the following: 

- 2 DriButts Diapers 

- 1 5L Dry Bag

- 1 Bar of Laundry Soap

- 2 Wash Cloths

- 1 Laminated Instruction Card

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