There are two main ways you can partner with DriButts. See which way would best fit your business or organization and then fill out the below form. 

DriButts Business Partner

We will work with your company to give you a customized humanitarian and social justice plan. Partnering with DriButts is not only a great idea, it will literally change lives. Here are 3 ways businesses partner with DriButts:

  1. DriButts becomes one of your businesses Non-Profits and you donate monthly to support our mission.
  2. You advertise DriButts and our mission on your website and ask your customers to consider donating diapers and supporting our cause. 
  3. You donate a diaper in your customers name. After certain purchases or a certain mount has been reached, your company donates diapers in honor of your customers. We can send them a personalized photo with their name or a general group picture for privacy purposes. This is fully up to the company and privacy policy.  

DriButts Wholesale Partner

Interested in buying DriButts diapers in bulk and bringing them to the mission field? We would love to hear about what you are doing and how DriButts diapers can help further your mission. Please fill out the form below to see if you qualify to receive DriButts diapers at a wholesale rate. Thank you for your interest in DriButts diapers and we will get back with you shortly.

Partnership Interest Form

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