Do you have valuable items, Re-Sell Value $150 or more, you would like to sell and need help selling it? ReThread Thrift may be able to help.

Many people have amazing items to sell, but hate the idea of selling to a stranger online. It can be very difficult, dangerous and time consuming. So, Rethread is here to help. We have a strong knowledge in reselling and the platforms to sell your items quickly and at a fair price. We will simply do all the work and split the profits 50/50 after tax and listing fees.

What Type Of Items?

  1. All Types of Vehicles

  2. RV’s/ Campers

  3. Golf Carts

  4. Music Gear

  5. High-End Electronics

  6. Cameras

  7. Sports Gear

  8. Small High-End Furniture

  9. Antiques and Collections

  10. Anything Valuable

Here is how it works:

  1. Your item must have a Re-Sell value of $150 or more

  2. ReThread will evaluate the item and determine if we feel we can sell your item

  3. We take your item and use multiple platforms to get it sold

  4. We will return your item after 30 days if it does not sell

  5. When item sells, we simply split the profit 50/50 after any taxes and listing fees

  6. You get your item sold and make a donation to DriButts at the same time.


Re-Sell Request Form

We will contact you about your item asap. Please understand we do not accept all items and will make all decisions on a case by case basis.

Name *