Whitefield Youth Team

Diaper Project

We are so excited about the second Whitefield team that will be traveling to Niger, Africa to work with orphanages, churches and other ministries. One of the exciting opportunities we have is to participate in a diaper drop in Niger. We have partnered with the Dributts organization and plan to distribute re-usable diapers to moms with newborn and toddler aged children. Most children in Niger run around unclothed and use the bathroom in the streets which exposes them to disease and sickness.

These diapers will be a huge blessing to these moms. They walk miles a day with children on their backs just to get water to be able to prepare their daily meals.The diapers are amazing! They are made out of bamboo and they dry very quickly so that the mom may re-use them within 45 mins.

Would you consider purchasing some diapers for the women and children of Niger? Each mom will receive 2 diapers per child. We will be taking their photos so you will be able to see the mother and children that you financially blessed.
The Dributts organization graciously offered us a special rate of 2 diapers for $28.00.
If you would like to support this effort give below.

Please keep us in your prayers as we travel to Niger at the end of June!

Serving Him,
Haley Bilotti