Day 5: A Heart To Serve

Christmas isn’t just about giving. It’s also about serving. I’d like to tell you about a friend of ours in the field who serves God, his family, community and Dributts. Meet Pastor Easau. He works as a translator and is one of our leaders on the ground in Haiti. He organizes the diaper drops for us in the field. He goes into local villages to talk to the leaders, finds the moms in need of diapers and helps up with our diaper drops on the ground. 

Easau has been helping Dributts long before Dributts was even a non-profit.  His 2 young children were some of the first to receive the earliest proto-types of the field diaper. His heart and dedication to serve his people and his humility to help them in the roughest of situations is a beautiful thing. He has such compassion and love for his people and the children. He does so much for others and never complains.

After our last diaper drop, we were sitting around a table talking about the living conditions of the people in the area we were serving. We were currently staying in a facility with no running water or electricity. It was rough and so hot. We learned that for most families in Haiti, this is normal. We realized in the last 3 years we’ve known Easau, we had never asked about his living conditions. We started asking questions and learned that Easau did not have running water or electricity in his home. The cost of utilities is very high, so most go without. Some buy barrels of water to use for washing and drinking water. Some are fortunate enough to have a well for water that many share, or they go to the creeks to get water. It is considered a luxury in Haiti to have running water, a shower or an indoor bathroom. All the people in this area live in these conditions, including Easau. Yet, he never complains about his circumstances and is alway ready to help others. He is a true example of the amazing people we work with around the world.

DriButts is a better company because of people like Easau who have dedicate their lives to changing others. When you support DriButts, You are also supporting leaders like Easau and his family. We love changing lives through diapers and employing amazing leaders in the field. We Change Lives! 

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