Day 7: Babies Need Diapers

Could you imagine going one day without putting a diaper on your child?

 We all need a safe way to use the bathroom, no matter your age, gender, or income bracket. In developing countries, when this issue is not handled correctly, disease begins to spread. In these areas, over 80% of disease is the result of poor sanitation.

In poor developing countries we noticed something very important. Most of the babies are naked. That’s when it hit us...BABIES DON'T USE TOILETS, BABIES USE DIAPERS.

Babies are the biggest cause of the problem. Without a diaper, their fecal matter ends up all over the house. They contaminate everything including the food and water source. Babies are bringing the sanitation issue into the home and their parents feel like they have no answer. 

That’s why we created

Dributts Diapers

The Dributts Diaper is a reusable diaper made from  athletic fabric. We made it wringable and quick drying, so it can be easily cleaned in a bucket with soap and water.

Outer shell:

-       Athletic Fabric

-       Durable

-       Quick dry shell

-       Fits infant-2 years

-       Breathable

-       Light weight

-       Low risk of rash

Inside Absorbent:

-       Durable Bamboo Fabric

-       Extra absorbent fibers

-       Antibacterial tendencies

-       Quick dry liner

-       Absorbs 10x its weight

-       Retains liquid

Easy to clean

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