Our mission is to provide families in the developing world the tools they need to promote long-term health.

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DriButts diaper was an idea that came from a need that Michael Wahl, founder of DriButts, saw while leading a mission trip in Haiti. He was working in a local village repairing wells and building latrines when he noticed the babies were naked. He saw the babies defecating in their homes, on their caretakers, by the food source, and by the water source. He knew the leading cause of sickness, disease, and death in third world countries is fecal matter. He had just built latrines for the adults and older children, but the babies could not use the latrines. 

He returned with the idea to take diapers to Haiti. He did some research on diapers and learned that regular cloth diapers would not work because they were made of heavy materials such as fleece, cotton, and hemp. They would be too hot, hold onto bacteria, and in the Haitian heat, would cause diaper rash and chaffing which could lead to infection and cause another problem. Disposable diapers would not work because of expense. He knew of Haitians washing and reusing disposable diapers until they fell apart. Additionally, disposable diapers create a sanitation issue because they have no place to properly dispose of them. Michael talked with his wife and asked her for some ideas. After some brainstorming, they came up with the idea to try a dri-fit wicking material that is breathable. Michael then asked his wife, who did not know how to sew, to make some diapers. She referred him to a friend who has a home sewing business who makes cloth diapers. The friend was happy to help and developed a pattern for DriButts. She also made the first sets of diapers. When she got too busy with her business, she taught Starla, Michael’s wife, how to sew the diapers. Then Starla recruited some volunteers who did not know how to sew, and they learned how to make the diapers. Together they made over 700 diapers. Finally, Dributts found a manufacturer which has been a great help.