Day 2: Adopted Family

Christmas is a time we get together with friends and family. We relive old memories and create new ones. Family traditions are started and carried on with and it’s a time we all look forward to. Sometimes we unknowingly take this for granted. Just for a few minutes I’d like for you to consider what it would be like to not have any family. It’s a heartbreaking thought, but for millions of people all over the world this is a reality.  Sometimes families are created out of need or necessity and formed through the most unlikely of ways.  Here is a story of one of these unlikely families.

During one of our diaper drops we had the privilege of meeting an amazing couple that came for diapers with 14 kids! After talking with them, we learned they ran an orphanage called Bon Samaritan in Leogane.  The couple worked as a team to manage the kids, but they said they were struggling so much to provide and take care of the kids. However, they sacrifice everything because they loved them, wanted to make sure they were taken care of, and felt loved.  The husband, Enock, worked an extra job to help provide for some of the most basic of needs for the children in addition to running the orphange.  The wife stayed at the orphanage taking care of all the kids, managing them, and running the household. You could see the love and care in the attention they gave to each of these kids.  They created a family atmosphere for these kids because every child deserves a family.

Out of the 14 kids, only 5 were the age to receive diapers. They explained that not having diapers was extremely difficult with 5 little ones running around the house.  They were having a lot of accidents in the house and they couldn't afford disposable diapers. We were so excited to offer them DriButts diapers and give them a way to manage and control disease spread in their environment. Dributts gave them 10 donated diapers and educated them on proper use. They were so thankful for all they received. Look at the smile on his face in the pictures below. So real, so raw, and so beautiful. Family is not just blood, but the people we love and the people who love us.  It’s a beautiful thing when strangers say, “ I will take care of you, I love you,” and become family. DriButts was honored to help this Orphanage and we are looking at other ways to help them on this journey. 

When you donate and support DriButts, you are helping people like Enoch and his wife control disease in their home. Please share this story and tell people about Dributts and our mission to change lives. 

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