Day 3: The Medical Clinic

Dributts was invited to a government run clinic in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti to pass out donated diapers. As we walked into the clinic there were over a thousand people lined up in a small area in hopes to get some type of medical attention. As we walked through the crowd, we met the head nurse who was excited that Dributts was there to pass out diapers. She began to tell us that she had been a nurse for over 30 years serving her community. Even with an education and job, life is still hard and it takes a lot to get by. Only 1 in 10,000 people have access to proper medical care in Haiti. However, she finds ways to get them the medicine and care they need. She also teaches classes to parents on nutrition, hygiene and self care. When she hears about a product or organization that can help the health and well being of the community she serves, she finds a way to get it to the people in her community. That’s how Dributts got invited into a government run facility.

We rushed to get set up and began passing out diapers in a small examining room off the main hall in the clinic . We quickly began to get overwhelmed at the long lines of moms and dads with babies waiting to get their diapers. It was amazing to see the need for something as simple as a diaper. However, it was a little overwhelming and we were getting warn down quickly.  As we were working, four other nurses saw the need we had and came in asking if they could help us. They were all nursing students who went to a local nursing school in Port-Au-Prince. They wanted to help because they, like the head nurse, were so grateful to be able to go to nursing school and wanted to help the people of their community. They struggle with daily life just like everyone else, but find joy in being able to help others during their hard times. These four student nurses worked hard stuffing the inserts in the diapers, helping to put the diapers on the babies, and talking to the mothers. After spending some time with them, we learned they all had babies at home who had no diapers. Even with a job and education most families still cannot afford the luxury of a simple disposable diaper. So after the diaper drop was over each of these young mothers received 2 donated Dributts diapers for their babies. They were all so overjoyed and excited to receive the gift of DriButts. These nurses go above and beyond to help the people in their community. They know what it means to invest in your community and make a difference in the lives of others. Even though they have it hard, they know how blessed they are and that others who have it worse. These amazing nurses all show what true compassion and love really looks like. 

This season is about the ultimate gift of Jesus who is the savior of the world. This is a gift that none of us deserve, yet was given freely to us all. We can see that same spirit of giving here in those who serve the less fortunate. This holiday season while we’re having fun providing gifts for our loved ones, lets take that extra step and reach out into our community to help meet the needs of those who are struggling. Together, we change lives. 

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