Day9: DriButts Partners Save Lives

We have been so humbled to see the amount of people loving what Dributts is doing.  We wanted to find ways to harness this excitement and let people get involved and make a difference in the lives of others.  We created several avenues to get people involved.  One of these avenues is though church partnerships. 

We’ve had  churches ask us if DriButts could be their mission project for youth camps, mission week, and VBS. So we started a DriButts Partnership Program this year and it was amazing! These churches raise support and donations for diapers by setting a diaper goal and doing a campaign. We provide them the needed information and they create a fun campaign to get everyone excited. Once the funds are raised Dributts takes the diapers on their next diaper drop to deliver. We take group pics of the families that received their diapers saying “Thank you, Oakdale VBS” or that church groups name for each set of diapers raised. Then we send the pics back to the church contact person to show the church group the lives of the people they changed.

 Children love this and it really gets them thinking about missions and the kind of things people in 3rd world countries struggle with.  It also gets them involved and making a difference in the lives of others. When they can see the faces of the lives they helped change, it really makes a huge impact.


We were asked to go teach the missions part of a VBS in Kentucky. It was such a great experience sharing what Dributts is doing with all these children. They asked so many questions and really started thinking about missions on a deeper level. One little girl, about 7 years old, was touched by the pictures she saw and concerned that some kids did not have adequate clothing or toys to play with. She asked how she could help. She ended up with an idea to raise support for clothes and toys to take on her churches next mission trip! We love getting to be a part of stories like this. It’s not just about Dributts raising money for diapers, but helping to prepare and guide young hearts with a desire to help change the world. We love Guiding and preparing the minds of young missionaries and humanitarians of the future. 

DriButts goal for 2016 is to partner with over 60 churches. We cant physically go to every church and do the mission class like we did in Kentucky, However we can supply churches with all the tool to do their own. We’re so thankful and blessed for God opening the door for Dributts to be created and a blessing to so many. We pray you will join us on this journey and help us change lives.

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