Day 10: The Babies Coming

Babies are a blessing. One of the highlights of Dributts is loving on these sweet babies we get to hold and put diapers on. When we started doing Dributts our rule was the mom, dad, or caregiver had to have their baby with them so to receive diapers. We do this for transparency so donors know where their money goes and they can see the faces of the lives they helped change. Also, we had this rule because we wanted to make sure they had babies. In some poverty stricken areas some people will not be honest to gain something they can sell to make some money. This is a rule we put in place to help keep the integrity of our company strong. 

On one diaper drop we came across a situation that forced us to reconsider our rule. We had a mom come to us for diapers. When we asked where her baby was, she said it wasn’t here yet. We asked her if she could go get her baby. She grabbed her stomach and pointed to her belly. She was pregnant! Someone had the idea to do an “I’m expecting!” sign for the donor pic since we had no baby for the picture and it was a perfect! Now at every diaper drop we have several “I’m expecting signs” for pregnant moms.  Dributts is happy to provide these expecting moms diapers for their babies to use when they arrive. What a blessing it is to be able to provide diapers not only to make life easier for these moms, but also so they wont have to worry about their baby getting sick or dying from fecal matter related diseases. We are blessed to be able to give them the tools to help control that.